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EPS - Expanded Polystyrene

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EPS - Expanded Polystyrene
Also known as EPS, this low cost foam is white in color and is ideal for blocking and bracing objects. EPS can be made in anti-static material.  EPS is a closed-cell rigid foam which does not absorb water. It comes in three densities: 1.0# (most commonly used), 1.5#, and 2.0#.

Hotwire machinery is used to cut EPS into pads, cavities and various shapes. This machinery is manually operated, making the overall production time-consuming yet precise. We also have a CNC controlled Hot Wire EPS cutting machine for intricate cuts.

Because of its characteristics, EPS is great for light cushioning, insulation, and for keeping objects in place during shipment. It can also be laminated to corrugated and other types of foam for innovative designs

1.0# White EPS Hotwire Cut