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PU - Polyurethane Foam

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PU - Polyurethane Foam 

PU foam is very diverse and can be used for many different packaging applications. It has excellent cushioning properties and is soft to the touch. Available in conductive ESD safe and static dissipative materials.

Polyurethane is an open-cell flexible foam. It has a wide range of densities, the common ones used at AFP range from 1.0# to 1.5#. One important characteristic of urethane is that it has low vibration transmission, making it an ideal cushioning foam. It also has a high memory, or bounce-back, so it holds its shape over time. Charcoal is the most common color of urethane, and a pink color indicates that it is anti-static.

Common fabrication methods for urethane are band-saw cutting (cuts foam down to size), die-cutting (to form various shaped cavities), and convoluting (some customers refer to this as egg crate foam).

There is a wide range of packaging applications for urethane. It is used for cushioning objects such as electronic equipment and other fragile light weight items. Some clients prefer urethane for its appearance in display cases or high-end packages. It is very common to laminate urethane to other packaging materials such as corrugated, other foam, and velvet overlay for appearance.

1.5# 70 ILD PU Grey Foam Die Cut & Laminated