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Polyethylene Foam

Polyethylene Foam

PE has a diverse application base. With its three most common densities, bright and attractive colors, sometimes it is chosen for its cosmetic appeal rather than its cushioning properties. Multiple cross-link densities are also common. PE is also available in conductive ESD safe material. The photo on the right shows 2.2# PE with Anti-static Fire Retardant properties.Low density PE is a semi rigid foam. It is manufactured in 48” x 108” sheets in a wide range of thicknesses. The most common densities and colors used in the packaging industry are 1.2#, 1.7#, and 2.2#. PE foam can be tinted with any desired color as long as some minimum order quantities are met.PE foam can be hot wire cut into pads and shapes, die cut and band saw cut. It can be laminated by spray adhesive, hot melt or by heat. PE can be hinged. With a wide range of thicknesses available, the flexibility for fabrication and its cosmetic appeal, PE has a diverse application base.

PE is used to cushion heavier products or to register non- fragile products inside a box. Computer CPUs, computer monitors, audio amplifiers for vehicles are typical applications for PE as a cushioning material. Computer accessories like a DVD recorder are an example of a non fragile product that uses PE for registration and minimal cushioning inside a box.

Polyethylene foam heat laminated

PE Foam Heat Laminated & Assembled