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X-Link Crosslink Foam

Cross-link Foam (X-Link)

Advanced Foam & Packaging offers a full line of cross-link foams.

Cross-link foam is commonly referred to as X-Link foam. It is closed cell polyethylene foam has been chemically cross linked. It combines a smooth aesthetic feel with superior physical and chemical properties than standard polyethylene foam. This foam is available in a wide range of densities with 2.0# being a common selection for most packaging projects. X-Link is available in a variety of different colors with white being the most widely used. The versatile foam is available in anti-static, conductive, and fire retardant formulations. This foam can be die-cut, CNC routed on our Kongsberg table, and laminated into assemblies.

Contact us at our office to discuss which cross-link foam is best suited for your requirements. We can be reached at 480-966-9299.

White cross-link PE heat laminated cut on our Kongsberg table

Conductive Black & Blue Crosslink Foam Projects